The Proven Quick-Start Way to Write Your Book

  I love the idea of a plan that can get people started, keep them going and guarantee a finish! Novel in a Weekend is long overdue in the world of workshops and conferences!”
 Susan Slater, author of the Ben Pecos mystery series and former writing instructor, University of Phoenix

Develop a Novel in Just One Weekend!

Have you always dreamed of writing a book?

Do you  . . .

  • Have a great idea but never had the time to pursue it?
  • Have a yearning to write but are not sure where to begin?
  • See yourself as a published author but believe that writing a book is something that takes months or years to accomplish?

Maybe you have started to write a novel, only to get stalled partway through?

The proven quick-start techniques you learn here work for any style of fiction or creative non-fiction. So, whether your dream is to write romance, mystery, science fiction, memoir, women’s fiction, action-adventure or something else, you can write your book using our unique writing course workshop. Almost 20,000 new novels for adults will be published this year.  Yours could be one of them!


What if I could show you how:

  • You can create a complete novel plan . . . in one weekend.
  • You can finish  writing your novel . . . in as little as 30 days.


I know it’s possible because I do it myself. My most recent book took four weeks to write, one more week to edit, and was on bookstore shelves six months after I turned it in to my editor. 


This is exactly why I call my course
“The Proven Quick-Start Way to Write Your Book.”


I’m not talking about participating in one of those fun-to-do exercises, in which a bunch of people decide to write their novels in 72 hours and submit them for judging in a contest. Even staying up all night, loaded with caffeine (if you can do it) you’re only going to produce a manuscript of 100 pages or so. At an average of 250 words per page, that’s a 25,000 word manuscript. Outside of the children’s markets, that’s not considered a book. It’s a novella at best.


I am talking about writing a marketable, 300 to 400 page manuscript, targeted to one of the genres that editors, agents, booksellers and readers want. Am I saying that you can write a full book in two days? Of course not. But with my quick-start writing techniques, you’ll leap over many of the hurdles that keep writers from getting started or find us stymied partway through a story. Just think—In a few short weeks you can have your novel in the hands of an agent or editor.


I developed an easier way to plot and write a book. . .


Let me tell you a little story. I’m Connie Shelton and I write mysteries. Check them out on my personal website or on My first novel, which I started in 1985, ran 500 pages long and took me two years to write. I worked on it weekends and vacations and whenever I was “in the mood.” The opening chapters won third place in a writing contest, but the book never sold because, frankly, I had worked it to death. With my second book, I vowed to write whether I was in the mood or not, and I completed it in a year (a divorce, moving out of state, and numerous other excuses still intervened). I fine-tuned the skills of carving out time to write, plotting quickly, writing ‘near finished quality’ on the first draft, and sticking to a writing schedule as I wrote my next five or six books.

We writers have busy schedules. I do, and I’m sure you do too. It’s probably one of the reasons you haven’t finished writing that book you are so eager to work on.

  • Let me share my proven techniques with you.
  • Let me help you write the book of your dreams.


My Novel In A Weekend™  proven quick-start writing course starts with the basics.

Even if you start the course without a book idea, you’ll quickly learn how to get ideas for stories that are either character driven or plot driven. In fifteen minutes you’ll have a concise “pitch” that will capture an editor’s interest. Once you have your idea formulated, in two days you’ll have a complete story plan, including:

  • Well-rounded characters that come alive on the page
  • A working outline, including chapter-by-chapter or scene-by-scene developments
  • The perfect setting for your story to take place
  • A dynamic opening scene that will hook your readers from page 1


It’s A Different Type of Writing Course—


My Novel in a Weekend™ course is not like other writing courses because—

  • You don’t spend 3-4 days reading a how-to book first—you actually write as you go
  • You don’t spend months taking classes before finishing a story (often not even the book you wanted to write).
  • We start writing your book—within the first hour!
It’s guaranteed. If you don’t like the course, for any reason, you can return it for a full refund any time within 60 days.

·         And, NO more writer’s block!



You’ll also learn:
  • How to avoid the 7 biggest mistakes most new writers make when submitting their work to editors and agents
  • What makes a story, versus a situation
  • Why it’s crucial that readers care about your characters – the biggest mistake writers make and the simple technique for fixing it
  • How to keep readers turning the pages
  • Why setting cannot be ignored—how to write authentically about a place you’ve never been
  • How to spark up your writing style and avoid blandness
  • How to write “near finished” quality on the first draft
  • How to define your book so an editor will want it
  • How to contact editors and agents – there are definite do’s and don’ts!
  • Why using the wrong format in typing your manuscript will result in automatic rejection (and how to do it right)
  • How to fit writing time into your busy day
  • Why we never utter the phrase “writer’s block”

Think of the new confidence you’ll gain when your book is finished. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s quite a rush, having your friends and family read your first book. Even more so is that amazing feeling when a complete stranger walks up to you and says, “I read your newest book, and I loved it!”


Being a published author has opened so many wonderful doors for me. I’ve had the chance to meet and socialize with some of the biggest names from the best-seller lists. Among the hundreds of authors I’ve met are Mary Higgins Clark, Sue Grafton and Tony Hillerman. I count Harlan Coben and Charlaine Harris as friends now, and I had the tremendous fortune to sit next to Janet Evanovich at a table where we signed books together.
My dream life really has come true!

Here’s what others are saying:


“What I like best about this course is that you get the real thing—audio CDs of the workshop presentation, a manual with worksheets that you can write on, a journal for all your notes. I really dislike e-books where you have to either read all the material from a computer screen or use your own paper and ink to print it out. This course can be done from your most comfortable chair or a lounger at the beach, and the tote bag is sturdy and large enough to hold my computer and all my research notes.” –Mike S., Surprise, AZ


“My favorite thing about Novel In A Weekend is the conciseness of the instruction, the logical presentation, and the way the participant begins their own writing immediately. Reading through the material made me feel excited to get on with my own project!” –R.T., Birmingham, AL
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Your Novel in a Weekend™  writing course materials will include:


  • My 65-page course manual, complete with worksheets to use in developing your plot line, characters, settings, and chapters. Plus, a goal-setting calendar to track your progress.
  • Two audio CDs of the presentation in my live workshops. If you don’t want to read your way through the course, I’ll talk you through it.
  • Four exciting bonus reports —more about them in a minute.
  • Several other little goodies to help you get started and stay on task (read on!)
  • A FREE critique of your first 20 pages and synopsis (regularly priced at $100)

Workshops often cost around $1,000 when you include your airfare and hotel costs to attend in the destination city, and you share the time with many other students. Online classes run, typically, in the $350 to $600 range and most of them take months to complete. My experience is that many potentially great writers put off taking these routes because of either the time involved or the cost.


A Writer’s Dream . . .

Imagine . . . you find a quiet weekend—send the spouse and kids on a camping trip, take the phone off the hook, let the dishes pile up. Or go on a retreat yourself, tucking away in a quiet hotel, a chair on the beach or a cabin somewhere with just yourself, your CD player and notepad or laptop computer. By the end of the second day you’ll have a strong start on writing  your novel. Plus, you’ll have a solid plan in hand for finishing that novel in 30-40 days. Many writers get a finished draft done in even less time!


Don’t put your dreams of becoming a published author on hold any longer—click here to immediately order my Novel in a Weekend ™ writing course.


Remember, you get the 65 page Course Manual and worksheets, 2 audio CDs, and the Bonus Reports that will immeasurably help your marketing efforts, and so much more (including that free critique of your finished book)!


With my home study writing workshop, you choose the time that’s convenient for you. You can play the CDs over and over, so you don’t miss any crucial point—and, my time is 100% yours. No other students interrupting with questions that don’t pertain directly to your work!

Don’t delay. Order now and you can be writing your novel in just a few days.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. You’d spend as much as $1,000 to get this information in a workshop, or spend months in classes. You’ve postponed your writing dreams long enough. Order Novel in a Weekend™ now!

The regular price for this amazing course is $450

But by ordering online now, you pay only $159 (a very limited-time introductory price)

I’ll even throw in the shipping FREE to any US address if you order today (orders can be shipped outside the US as well. Other destinations will be billed at actual postage cost).



Remember . . . You can’t lose!

If this course isn’t to your liking, for any reason, I’m offering a full money-back guarantee. Return the course packet, unmarked and in new condition with your receipt, within 60 days, and you can keep the bonus reports (a $60 value) as my gift to you. I feel sure that you are going to find this course so helpful that you’ll want to keep it—use the materials again and again, as you write your second and third books and more.

Click here and your writing course materials will be on the way to you!


PS:  Before I forget . . . I promised to tell you more about those free bonus reports. In them, I’ve compiled some of the most important information a writer can use. These supplemental materials will go hand in hand with your course work, providing additional insights.


  • “How to Submit Your Manuscript to an Editor or Agent” This one gives all the do’s and don’ts that you’ll need to know when trying to sell your work.  Avoid the pitfalls that can get your work rejected.
  • “Finding Time to Write so that You Finish Your Book Quickly” Your Novel In A Weekend™ program gets you off to a great start. Now you’ll have a plan for finishing your book in record time—only 30-40 days in most cases!

. . .

  • “Editing and Revising: How to Approach it and When to Stop”  Lots of writers agonize over revising and editing their first draft. It’s so much simpler when you approach it with a plan. Most importantly, you want to know when to stop revising, to avoid butchering your story.
  • “Location, Location, Location: Dozens of Ways to Scout Out a Place Whether You Go There or Not”  Are we limited to the old adage of “write what you know” when it comes to choosing locations for our books? Nope! Who says you have to be a world traveler to write about exotic locales? Here are many, many tips for finding the perfect setting for your book, and using it authentically.

These special writer’s reports are normally offered at $15 each, a total value of $60, but they are yours free with your Novel In A Weekend™ writing course.


Take advantage of this terrific money-saving offer, our money-back guarantee, and the free reports which are yours to keep, no matter what.

At $450, this course is a tremendous value, and you can get it right now for
less than half price— the introductory price of $159 is a bargain for the amount of information you will receive, coupled with the advantages you’ll discover in being able to reach your goal of writing your book so quickly and easily!

Did I Happen to Mention . . .??

All of your course materials will arrive in a neat kit—I’ve gotten a designer to come up with an exclusive tote to carry all your materials, and I’m filling it with (in addition to the course manual, CDs and reports), a goal-tracking calendar, a journal notebook, pen, and a little timer. You’ll find out why that’s important when you begin working the course! You can literally pick up your kit and take it to the beach, and you’re set to go!

And once you’ve finished your first draft, remember that you’ll get a critique of your first 20 pages and synopsis—a certificate that comes with your Novel In A Weekend™ course entitles you to receive this valuable feedback (normally a $100 value) absolutely FREE!


I have a feeling you are ready— My exciting two-day course will get you on your path to writing the book of your dreams. The proven quick-start techniques you learn here work for any style of fiction or creative non-fiction.

Write romance, mystery, science fiction, memoir, women’s fiction, action-adventure or something else—
Novel In A Weekend™
 will work for you.

The sooner you start the sooner you have a chance of joining those writers whose books will be published this year!

Just do it now!